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Transparent, Objective and Accountable Insurance Advisory Serving the Entire Risk Ecosystem.
Yes, Even Regulators.

Partnership for Insurance Information - About
A new Public Benefit Corporation, the Partnership for Insurance Information, "PII," exists to evolve the delivery of Insurance Advisory Services and responsive insurance products through collaborative Community Risk Solutions.
PII connects diverse risk stakeholders through data and information processes to collaboratively design and deliver dynamic, connected insurance advisory products and information services, transparently governed to objective quality metrics for todays risks and preparing communities for the future.

Why PII?

The Partnership for Insurance Information, PII, was formed to challenge current paradigms through practical applications of technology and integrated insurance products that will deliver both demonstrable community resilience and real commercial opportunity for insurers and businesses, facilitated by regulators eager to provide their constituencies pathways to address their contextual risks.

Every organization, enterprise and even individual has a role to play and opportunity to uncover in Community Risk Solutions, expanding on the opportunity around insurance programs and industry.

Why Be a Partner in PII?

PII was designed to be a valuable relationship initially for every organization - insurance enterprise, regulatory body, on-the-ground business and service, and community constituency affected by risk, impacted by losses and that could facilitate solutions.

Learn more, join for free, and book an introduction to PII to see exactly how you and your organization can benefit from even early PII efforts, and the strategic opportunity PII can facilitate for your community.

Who is PII For?

Discover Exacly How PII Benefits You - Just a Chat Away

Join PII to get Partner-only access to more details and ways to participate in the Partnership and future Community Risk Solutions, and book a quick chat with a PII Founder to learn exactly what opportunities joining PII can mean for your organization and role in risk!  No obligation to Join or Chat!

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