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Community Risk Solutions

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Inclusive, Accelerated and Evolving Insurance

Companies, regulators and communities need new, compliant, open and practical standards that facilitate insurance operations by every participant for speed, performance and information to more effectively serve the needs of at-risk individuals and communities.

Community Risk Solutions (CRS) from PII establish multi-stakeholder frameworks that provide each constituency the information and policies they need to support their responsibilities and objectives in risk, from preparation to recovery and resilience across communities and evolving risks.

Building Community Risk Solutions

Community Risk Solution (CRS) initiatives are put forth and supported by Partners, and facilitated by PII to develop and deploy next-generation Advisory Insurance Programs

Coupled with regulatory information processes and industry incentives, policy and/or capacity solutions, Community Risk Solutions bring opportunity for insurers and businesses with measurable, sustainable success and resilience for communities.

CRS initiatives go through three phases of development to launch:



Grow the ecosystem, scope and refine the concepts and constituents related to the risk, community and solution ideas - build Interest and a common-sense risk community towards critical mass - and keep going!



With needed stakeholders involved, Design how the CRS will meet the needs and concerns of each participant, how their processes are supported, their investment expectations are set and success is returned.

Bridge Construction


Build, align and implement the parts, mechanisms and momentum to successfully Execute and deliver the CRS and deliver on expectations for the community and risk ecosystem.

Active Community Risk Solutions

These are just some of the CRS initiatives in discussion, building interest and design clarity for consideration and execution.

Partner for Free to learn more, bring ideas and contribute the parts to bring resilience to your risk community.

Wildfire Protection


Wildfires are growing in frequency and severity, now occurring in any season, and in suburban wildlife border areas, prompting local, state and commercial interests to align to encourage and reward property mitigation and community resiliency efforts.

Forest Fire

Cyber Defense/Control/Response


Cyber risk is perhaps the most high-profile evolving risk we all self-insure every day.  From identity theft and ransomware attacks to critical supply chain resilience, cyber defense remains an evolving and unsolved challenge for individuals, enterprises and global society.

Vlogging from Home Office

Responsible Firearm Owners


According to the Geneva-based Small Arms Survey, the United States is home to nearly 400 million guns - 120 guns per 100 people - the highest ratio in the world.  The violence individuals and communities suffer from guns is a tragic and frequent refrain, that requires common sense and practical policy mechanisms to solve.


Embedded E-Bike Coverages


E-Bikes are an increasing part of our personal mobility and recreational lifestyles - and they blur the lines in vehicle risk - is it a bike, or more motorcycle?  In addition to the in-transit risks, E-Bikes require maintenance and bring risks of fire and liability to a home that may not be fully understood by insurer or E-Bike owner.

Wearing a Helmet

Coastal Catastrophe Resilience


Coastal Catastrophes are some of the most costly, high-profile and predictable events.  It's proven that collaborative policy between insurers and regulators produce results like improved building codes, enabling structures to withstand otherwise destructive events.  

Tropical Storm

Severe Storm Support


Severe Convective Storms, including events like Derechos, tornadoes, hail, and catastrophic storms are delivering wind, water and damage, increasing in frequency, geography and intensity.  These changes are stretching existing insurance and public policy, resulting in growing disasters and unmitigated losses.

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